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Send some literature for the fair, please.

Lynchburg, 25 Sept., 1919.

Miss Ida Thomson, [illegible] Richmond, Virginia -

My dear Miss Ida: Your welcome letter of yesterday has just reached me. Many thanks for the check. Of course I did not make any change from my travels from Lynchburg to Rocky Mount and back - that was my personal journey: I only charged the expenses from Roanoke to Galax and back to Roanoke; as that was the "side step" necessitated on the Galax trip.

In regard to county-courts: I could go to Amherst and to Campbell Courts, but the date for Appomattox is the time when I expected to be in Roanoke - ooh I, on Wednesday - which do you think would be more effective, the W.C.T.U endorsement (if I can get it!) or an address at Appomattox? It seems to me the worth of the latter would be to get pressure on Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Burke,