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I had substantial help from the local suffragist. That pressure could come later from work with the county Dem. Committees and letters. Let me know what Headquarters perfers in return mail-or surely very soon, as I might go to Roanoke Monday when the W.C.T.U. Convention opens. I don't think I could address the Convention, however, before Wednesday as preliminary work must be done; and Wednesday is Oct 1st. I will [endearin] to have literature distributed at the Fair [live]- That Teus the 29th Sept, continuing Oct 1-2-3. I'll to accomplish an alibe! Ask Ms. Val whether she thinks speaking at Amherst could crystalize opposition to suffrage: What was a point to be considered in doing anything of that kind before the Nov. elections, you recue[?}/ Has Senator Mapp even sent any directions concerning the points where he thinks advantageous work might be done auterio[r] to that date? Let me know about the Va. E. L Convention in time to elect delegates. I think our best plan is to corral the Dem. Committees, county and city, everywhere throughout the state: they really hold the re[?]us. That is even better than enrolments, I suspect, at this stage of the game. With best love for you all, and a great longing to be with you in your good work, Affectionately yours, [Eh[eurs] Have Nora and Adele returned?