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I had substantial help from the local suffragists. That pressure could come later from work with the county Dem. Committees and letters. Let me know what Headquarters prefers in return mail--or surely very soon, as I might go to Roanoke Monday when the W.C.T.U. Convention opens. I don't think I could address the Convention, however, before Wednesday as preliminary work must be done; and Wednesday is Oct 1st. I will endeavor to have literature distributed at the Fair here- That opens [on?] the 29th Sept, continuing Oct 1-2-3. I'll [page torn] to accomplish an alibi! Ask Ms. Valen[tine] whether she thinks speaking at Amherst could crystalize opposition to suffrage: that was a point to be considered in doing anything of that kind before the Nov. elections, you remember. Has Senator Mapp even sent any directions concerning the points where he thinks advantageous work might be done auterio[r] to that date? Let me know about the Va. E. L Convention in time to elect delegates. I think our best plan is to corral the Dem. Committees, county and city, everywhere throughout the state: they really hold the re[?]us. That is even better than enrolments, I suspect, at this stage of the game. With best love for you all, and a great longing to be with you in your good work, Affectionately yours, [Eh[eurs] Have Nora and Adele returned?