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if you have not heard anything from Fairfax favorable to the 17th - perhaps Mrs. Valentine will want me to go to Roanoke now after all, instead of later- as [illegible]. What [illegible] Mrs. Valentine wrote her it would probably be possible to arrange for me to go there about the 15th. I wlll await Mrs. Valentines' instructions on this, and meanwhile my dates will be- 8, 9, 10- Lincoln can [illegible] shoemaker. 7th and 11th Purecellville 12th Leesburg- Sail Del'y. Have been trying to get in touch with someone in Bluemount and Round Hill, + hope to have letters from there when I leave Lincoln. Need not send literature to Herndon as I am not certain to go there + if I am [illegible] to Roanoke, [illegible] need it here-

Best wishes to all, W.E. Pidgeon