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[typewritten list] Miss Hortense Drew 12 Mrs. Margaret Boswell [crossed out] gone away Miss Elizabeth Roberts [crossed out] 9 Splendid but L. C. Leach ask P. O. Miss Isabel G. Norvell she's 12 - Charles M. Burke ? Norman H. Williams H S - J. P. Eudailey (RFD 1)

Miss Drew signed & is valuable - she also signed for her father retired Presbyterian minister 95 years old - Other minister - won't sign but not very opposed very old. 2 others away for the week. Mr Norman H. Williams works out on district schools so I can't reach him Miss Isabel Norvell would not sign, but "may later" she lives in a bad anti neighborhood - L. C. Leach is brother of man at P. O. but hard to catch. I have