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-7- But not that of women alone. That "self-expression," which is the theory of modern education, and good democratic doctrine as well, is outgrown - is difficult to maintain. The development of the social conscience is one of the signs of our time. And that common welfare which suffragists and anti-suffragists alike desire, may best be attained, it would seem, by the complete self expression of individuals working consciously to that end. Individuals with the fullest power of self expression, geniuses and saints, are the torch bearers of the race. And Jesus Christ, set apart and giving his life for humanity the supreme example. That suffrage has anything to do with the passage of "old time religion" is irrelevant as is the existence of agnostics in an organization so vast that it inevitably includes women of all countries & all faiths. Despite the fact that Mr. Jefferson was agnostic, his way of