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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. President, Mrs. B. B. Valentine, 2338 Monument Ave. Richmond, Va. Hon. Vice-Presidents. Mrs. Louise Collier Willcox, Norfolk, VA. Miss Ellen Glasgow, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Kate Waller Barret, Alexandria, Va. Vice-Presidents. Miss Mary Johnston, Richmond, Va. Mrs. J. H. Lewis, Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. W. J. Adams, Norfolk, VA. Mrs. C. V. Meredith, Richmond, VA. Mrs. Stephen Putney, Wytheville, VA. Mrs. G. M. Smithdeal, Recording Secretary. Mrs. Alice O. Taylor, Headquarters Secretary. Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Treasurer. Mrs. John S. Munce, Auditor, of Richmond, VA. State Headquarters, Richmond, VA. Commercial Building, Second Street Between Broad and Grace. December 1-1913. [written across top: All the leagues]. We very much trust that the presidents of the local leagues will at this time write officially to their representatives in the legislature, both senate and house, and an enclosing herewith an outline of a letter which may or may not be used as you may see fit. In addition, it is hoped that you will get as many of your individual members to write a similar letter as possible. This office is compiling a record of the stand taken by the legislators, and I will appreciate your advising me of the positions on this question taken by your representatives (senate and house).