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S. W. Holt & Co., Wholesale Grocers Newport News. Va., Dec.16th, 1913. My Dear Madam: Your letter of the 14th to know my position in regard to woman sufferage [sic] received. I do not think the time has arisen in the history of Virginia for woman sufferage. I am not opposed to woman suffrage, because I do not think women would not use the ballot as intelligently as men, I believe they would and in many cases more intelligently, but I feel that woman sufferage was adopted in Virginia, the results would be, that it would be hard to get the white women of the State to go to the poles and vote, when they would have to come in contact with negro women, and conditions that frequently surround the poles that would be objectionable to them. If your league can guarantee to me in some way, that all the white women in Virginia will vote if the sufferage was extended to them would have great influence to change my mind. Yours very truly, Saxon W. Holt.