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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia NORFOLK, VA., PRESIDENT - PAULINE FORSTALL ADAMS 400 COLONIAL AVENUE PHONE 1014 SECRETARY-MISS SARAH SANDRIDGE 150 MAIN STREET, BERKLEY PHONE 312, BERKLEY TREASURER-MRS. CHAS. TOWNSEND 209 FREEMASON STREET PHONE 3189 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT-MRS. HARRY M. BAIN 5 E. RALEIGH AVENUE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT-MRS. WM. L. TAIT 416 MOBRAY ARCH HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS LOUISE COLLIER WILCOX ETHEL NEELY ELLEN DUVAL Dec 28 1913 My dear Mr. Woodard Before going up to the Legislature will you kindly express to us your opinion on this subject in which we are so vitally interested, namely Equal Suffrage? Have you given it thorough consideration as you do any other question that is agitating your constituents, or do you consider it simply a fad of the women that will soon die out and is therefore unworthy any deep study on your part? Do you know that there are now nearly four thousand members of the Equal Suffrage League in Va., and thousands more who, tho' not members of the League, have signed their belief in Equal Suffrage on the petitions going to the Legislature in January? I think you made the remark to me that you had no objection to giving the vote to women whenever all the women of the state desired it. Is that fair? Was there ever any reform desired by all whom it was designed to benefit? If so it would not have been needed it would have been already in action. Did you not hear, in your growing-up days, many of the darky mammies deplore "these days" and wish for "the good old days before the war" when they were slaves? did not the Israelites hanker after the flesh pots of Egypt? There are and always will be short sighted people who fear the unknown, decry progress and can see no further than their own persona, present comfort. The women of the Navajo Indians, in our own west, are today beating tom-toms to encourage their husbands to fight for bigamy! They know if they don't their husbands will beat them. You spoke too, of the militancy of the English suffragettes. Let me quote the words of our national president, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw "that there have been, always, in history, two ways of obtaining