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Norfolk Moving Picture Co. W. F. Crall, Business Manager. Conducting The Moving Pictures Business in all its branches. 209-210 Ledger-Dispatch Building, Norfolk, Virginia. We own state rights and are now booking in Virginia, North and South Carolina the exclusive film feature "HIAWATHA" The Indian Passion Play in 4 Reels. Write or Wire for Open Dates and Prices. Norfolk, Va. Feb. 3rd., 1914. Mrs. Jesse E. Townsend, Pres, Equal Suffrage League, Norfolk, Va. Dear Madam:- Your letter of Jan 31st, is received together with a copy of the resolution passed by your League and wish to say that we fully endorse everything written in your letter and passed by your League in resolution. We shall write to our Exchange in Washington to-day and with your permission send them both the resolution and your letter so as to make it as positive as possible and we are herewith enclosing you a copy of our letter so that you may know that when heartily in accord with the position of you and your league.