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that we may not pass any resolution, but simply preach suffrage at the mass meeting and sell our suffrage edition of the News Leader, which shows signs of conversion I am glad to say. The May 9th procession in Washington is free to all I believe, and if members of your League wish to march, it is all right. But I know the main thing now is to convert our own people in every town and county in the state, and try to make them convert the Senators and Congressmen in Washington. It is pressure from their constituents "back home" that will make them pass the Federal amendment. Meetings in Portsmouth, at the Beach, in Norfolk and Suffolk would help a great deal more than marching in Washington, in my humble opinion. Let me know whether you want me on 23-24 or later on.

Cordially yours, Lila M. Valentine

[written in left margin] We have ordered the suffrage songs and resolution for you and will send as soon as they come.