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Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage National Headquarters, 1420 F Street, Washington, D.C. Colors -- Purple, White and Gold Executive Committee Miss Alice Paul, N. J., Chairman Miss Lucy Burns, N. Y, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Donald Hooker, M.d. Mrs. Mary Beard, N. Y. Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont., N. Y. Mrs. Crystal Eastman Benedict, N. Y. Mrs. Gilson Gardner, D. C. Mrs. Elsie Hill, Conn. Mrs. William Kent, Cal. Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Jr., Pa. Officers Treasurer Miss Joy L. Webster Chairman Finance Committee, Mrs. Donald R. Hooker Chairman Committee of 100 for Maintenance of National Headquarters Mrs. William Kent Chairman Committee on Organization, Woman Voters' Convention, Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont Chairman Susan B. Anthony Memorial Fund, Miss Isabella Mott Chairman Committee on Plays and Pageants, Miss Hazel MacKaye Legislative Chairman, Miss Lucy Burns Literature Chairman, Mrs. William L. Colt Press Chairman, Miss Vivian Pierce Research Chairman, Mrs. Helena Hill Weed Advisory Council Mrs. Robert Adamson, N. Y. Mrs. Inez Milholland Boissevain, N. Y. Mrs. John Winters Brannan, N. Y. Mrs. Edward N. Breitung, N. Y. Reverend Olympia Brown, Wis. Mrs. Lillian Harris Coffin, Cal. Mrs. Frank Cothren, N. Y. Mrs. Lucius M. Cuthbert, Col. Mrs. George H. Day, Conn. Mrs. John Dewey, N. Y. Miss Mary Bartlett Dixon, Md. Miss Lavinia Dock, N. Y. Mrs. Rheta Childe Dorr, N. Y. Mrs. Abigail Scott Duniway, Oregon Mrs. J. Borden Estee, Vt. Mrs. Glendower Evans, Mass. Mrs. Bertha W. Fowler, Col. Mrs. Emma Maddox Funck, Md. Mrs. Harvey C. Garber, Ohio Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, N. Y. Mrs. Inez Haynes Gilmore, Cal. Mrs. Edwin C. Grice, Pa. Mrs. W. E. Hardy, Nebr. Mrs. F R. Hazard, N. Y. Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst, Cal. Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles, Del. Mrs. Frederick C. Howe, N. Y. Miss Ada L. James, Wis. Mrs. Agnes Jenks, R. I. Miss Helen Keller, Mass. Mrs. Florence Kelley, N. Y. Dr. Cora Smith King, Wash. Miss Gail Laughlin, Cal. Mrs. William Bross Lloyd, Ill. Miss Julia Marlowe, N. Y. Mrs. Lionel S. Marks, Mass. Miss Edyth Wynne Matthison, Conn. Miss Mary McDowell, Ill. Mrs. Sophie G. Meredith, Va. Mrs. Meredith Nicholson, Ind. Mrs. Mary Hutcheson Page, Mass. Mrs. Marsden Perry, R. I. Mrs. Annie Porritt, Conn. Mrs. William Prendergast, N. Y. Miss Margaret Roberts, Idaho Mrs. John Rogers, N. Y. Prof. Lucy M. Salmon, N. Y. Mrs. May Wright Sewall, Ind. Mrs. Julius Stone, Ohio Mrs. Jessie Hardy Stubbs, N. Y. Mrs. Mary C. Therkelsen, Oregon Miss Clara L. Thompson, Mo. Mrs. Richard Wainwright, D. C. Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh, D. C. Mrs. Mina Van Winkle, N. J. Mrs. John Jay White, D. C. Miss Charlotte Anita Whitney, Cal. Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley, D. C. Mrs. S. B. M. Young, Mont. The Suffragist Weekly Organ of the Congressional Union Editor -- Miss Lucy Burns Art Editor -- Mrs. Nina Allender Votes for Women Richmond, Va., May 29, 1915. Dear Suffragist: In order to gain effective support all over the United states for the Susan B. Anthony amendment, it was recently decided at a conference of the Advisory Council of the congressional Union to form in every state an organization of women who believe in this amendment and are willing to work for it. To accomplish this a conference will be held in Richmond on June 10, to which all interested suffragists are invited. Since it is necessary to know in advance the number will be present at luncheon, you are requested to inform Mrs. W. Hill Urquhart, Chairman of Committee of Arrangements, The Raleigh, Richmond, Va., before June 8, as to your attendance on this occasion also stating whether or not you desire hospitality during the conference. Since matters of importance to the cause of equal suffrage will be discussed at this conference, you are earnestly urged to attend. Very Sincerely yours, Sophie G. Meredith Member of Advisory Council of Congressional Union.