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[Page] 3 equal suffragists, and I have the promise of a very able woman in the neighborhood (Mrs. Frances F. James, P O. Lovingston, Va.) to act as Chairman of an Equal Suffrage Study Club, which I think will eventuate in a local league. Will you kindly write her a note of greeting &c., from Headquarters? The people thereabouts are so ignorant on the subject that I think this will be the best way to enlist them. I left some literature with her, but I had no cards. Some of the latter would doubtless help. I have an engagement for Amherst on Court Day in September, also for Alta Vista, a prosperous and growing town on the Virginian R. R. I will be in Franklin Co. next week if there is anything to be done in that vicinity, let me know. Has anybody ever spoken for us in Patrick County? I am sending this directly to you: will you kindly let Mrs. Valentine know these facts, if she is yet at home? With cordial regards, Sincerely Yours, E Lewis I have the big map sent from Headquarters to Miss Wellford: could I keep it a while for my "talks", on had I best send it to Headquarters at once? I used it at Lovingston.