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to the interest of his said infant son, touching the said slave Margaret, nor can he induce any competent person to take charge of her and hire her out, in as much as no one, known to your petitioner, is willing to incur the liability, or risk, of taking charge of an infants property - your petitioner never having qualified as guardian to his said infant son in Virginia, has no authority to act himself, or to appoint an agent to act in the premises for his said infant son; your petitioner however has qualified as guardian of his said infant son, in Milwaukie County, in the state of Wisconsin, and has given bond and security for the faithful performance of his duty as such, as will appear by a copy of the records of said county herewith filed bearing date the 18th day of June 1846. Your petitioner further states that he is advised that the law of this state relating to non resident guardian does not authorize a sale of the said slave Margaret. In [sunder?] consider consideration of the premises your petitioner Humbly

prays that your Honorable body will pass a law authorizing him to appoint an agent or attorney in fact, with power and authority to sell the said slave Margaret belonging to the infant son of your petitioner with authority to execute a Bill of Sale to the purchaser conveying to him a fee simple title to the said slave, and to transmit the nett [net] proceeds of such sale to your petitioner, to be held by him as the guardian of his said son Thomas Reilly Cleary - and your petitioner as in duty bound will every pray City of Richmond to wit: This day Peter P Mayo personally appeared before me as justice of the peace for said city and made oath that he verily believes the facts set forth in the above petition are true. Given under my hand this 30th day of Decr 1848. C. W. Purcell J.P.