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Conway H. Shield Attorney at Law Commonwealth's Attorney York County

Equal Suffrage League Headquarters, Commercial Building, Richmond, VA. Yorktown, VA. January 12, 1916

I have written my member of the House and Senate in regard to Equal Suffrage, but as yet have received no replies. I think, however, that my representative, Mr. N. L. Henley will vote to submit the question to the people. I called on him in regard to suffrage in November and again in December at his office in Williamsburg, but each time he was out of town. A message was left for him on each of these occasions. Recently, I had an opportunity of talking with the Member of the House from Gloucester and he said, "When the majority of the women of Va. wanted suffrage he would vote for it" With the best wishes for success with the Legislature, I am. Sincerely yours Catherine S. Shield

(on left side of paper)

h.13 I am enclosing bucks in stamps to help in regard to postage which might be a tax on The League)