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2 Of course, I do not mean by this that I am suggesting to the Board my successor on the Committee, but simply that Miss Robinson, as a Virginian, would serve you usefully in Congressional work during her stay in Washington. I have appointed as State Congressional Chairman, Mrs. John H. Lewis, 609 Court St., Lynchburg, Va., to whom in the future all congressional information should be sent. She will notify you in a short time of the appointment of the ten sub-chairmen. Five have already been appointed and will in their districts carry out your suggestions as to Senators and Members of the Judiciary Committee. This office will notify all other individual Chairmen of Leagues as to sending out the letters. I am very grateful to you for getting Miss Price's speech sent so promptly. It was very useful to us although the association of the antis here refused to allow her to debate with me or to appear at the public "Hearing" We were able to take up her arguments and answer them in other ways. She did debate with Miss Ramsay at the University of Virginia but there again, no Judges were permitted and no decision rendered. We are well satisfied with the results however, as Miss Ramsay made a fine impression. I am arranging to go to Tennessee, March 29th as Mrs. Catt proposed and I am hoping that I may be of assistance in several other States for these Conferences. We hope to make the Virginia Conference a big success. Our bill has not yet come out of Committee of the State Legislature. We have but a slim chance of getting a bare majority in the House and much less in the Senate. Wishing you all success in your new work, I am Sincerely yours, President. LMV:IMT.