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[imprinted letterhead and seal] Trustees for Children. Children's Institutions Department. Trustees John O'Hare, Chairman. Elizabeth M. Needham, Secretary. Louis A. Ginsburg. James J. Bacigalupo. Margaret Foley. Dr. Isaac G. Rosenberg. James P. Murphy. Margaret Foley, 1 Dudley St., Eliot Sq.

April 22 - 16. Pensacola, Florida. Treasurer E.S.L. Richmond, Va:- Dear friend. Wednesday I received a $10.00 check from you for meetings in Richmond It is just one half the amount due me. The afternoon meeting was $5.00 and the evening meeting $15.00 Will you kindly mail me by return mail if possible the other $10.00 I'm sorry to have to trouble you, and cannot understand how mistake was made. I shall be grateful, if you will kindly mail check at once to me, otherwise my route is indefinite address me c/o Mrs. Henry Aschaffenburg 4429 Dryades St. New Orleans, La. Sincerely Margaret Foley.