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April 25, 1916. Mrs. John H. Lewis, 609 Court Street, Lynchburg, Va. My dear Mrs. Lewis: I wish to report progress on the suffrage planks in the state platforms of all political parties. The National Progressive, Prohibition and Socialist platforms contain a full endorsement of woman suffrage and this is repeated in very nearly all the state platforms of these parties, tho' in some states the party endorses submission merely. On the two great parties I have heard so far from nineteen states, with the following results: So. Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia and Texas report no endorsements; Vermont and Kentucky report endorsement of submission by the Republican party, and New Jersey, New York, Penna. and Iowa of submission by both Republicans and Democrats. Your state, through your activities, is the first non-suffrage state, so far reported, to have from the Republicans an out-and-out endorsement of the principle of woman suffrage. In equal suffrage Arizona the Republicans have endorsed a Federal Amendment: "We . . . urge Congress to pass forthwith the Sutherland Mondell Woman Suffrage Amendment on to the states for ratification (March 1916) I will send you returns as they come in. Cordially yours, (Mrs. Mary Sumner Boyd) Secretary Data Department.