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May 5, 1916. My dear Miss Foley;- Your letter to Mrs. Valentine, just received, and we regret so much that you have not yet received the second check sent you. It was mailed to you, Care of Mrs. Henry Aschaffenburg, 4429 Dryades St., New Orleans, La., on April the 26th --your letter of the 22nd not reaching us until the afternoon of the 25th, too late for us to get in touch with our treasurer. If you have not already received the check forwarded from New Orleans, if you will write Mrs. Aschaffenburg she can forward it. We are not sure of the address in your letter to Mrs. Valentine so will send this to Headquarters and get them to forward it to you, thinking that it will reach you more promptly that way than if we send it to an address about which we are a bit uncertain. Regretting that you have had such a lot of trouble in this matter, and hoping that you have already received the stray check, I am, Cordially yours, This letter was mailed to Woman's Jour. & asked that they forward it to Miss T.