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[letterhead] [center of page] Virginia League of Women Voters Affiliated with the National League of Women Voters Honorary Chairman Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Richmond, VA Honorary Vice-Chairman Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Chairman Miss Adele Clark, Richmond, VA Headquarters 601 Virginia Railway and Power Building Richmond VA Phone Randolph 556

[left side of page] Vice-Chairman Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, VA. Miss Lucinda Lee Terry, Roanoke, VA. Miss Elizabeth V. Gaines, Saxe, VA. Recording Secretary Mrs John T. Lewis, RFD, Ashland Treasurer Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Richmond, VA. Auditor Miss Nellie Leigh Steward, Petersburg, VA. Congressional District Directors Miss Retta J. Smith, Chincoteague Mrs. C. E. Townsend, Norfolk Mrs. Frank L. Jobson Richmond Mrs. E. J. Nixon Petersburg Mrs. F.C. Beverley Whitwell Mrs. John H. Lewis Petersburg Miss M. E. Pidgeon Clarke County Miss Rose M. Macdonald Alexandria Mrs. W. W. King Staunton Chairmen Standing Committees Child Welfare Mrs. Louis Brownlow Petersburg Women in Industry Miss Lucy R. Mason Richmond Social Hygiene Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Alexandria Miss Marie Leahey Richmond Food Supply and Demand Miss Hazel Gallegher Williamsburg American Citizenship Mrs. Ellie Marcus Marx Norfolk Miss Cornelia Adair State Education Richmond Efficient government Miss M.E. Pidgeon Clarke County Bureau of Information Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke Richmond Uniform Laws concerning women Mrs. M. L. Horner Alexandria Citizenship education Miss E. V. Gaines Saxe Legislation Miss Nora Houston Richmond Finance Mrs. Faith W. Morgan Richmond Reduction of armament Miss Roberta Wellford

[on right side of paper] Department of Organization Miss Roberta Wellford, Field Director University, VA. Department of Citizenship Education in co-operation with University of Virginia Miss M.E. Pidgeon, Director University, VA. Headquarters Secretary Miss Ida M. Thompson Richmond, VA. Publicity Director Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Richmond, VA

August 19, 1921

To the Members of the Board of the Virginia League of Women Voters, My dear Member:- The 3rd quarterly meeting of the Board of the League of Women Voters will, as you know, take place at the Hotel Virginian, Lynchburg, August 25th and 26th, with an evening meeting on the 26th. The date was set at the last Board meeting. Replies so far received to the notices sent out show that we shall assemble barely a quorum. I write, therefore, to urge that you make every effort and sacrifice to be present.

The meeting is being held in Lynchburg for the purpose of stimulating interest in the 6th District. Matters of grave moment to the future of the League will be discussed. The potentialities of the woman vote are immeasurable. Men in politics, so far, have realized this perhaps more than have the women voters. The League of Women Voters is, in a sense, a condenser of this new power. There is no limit to the work that could be accomplished by this League and to the good it could do with zealous support of the women of the State.

Without financial backing the League has already accomplished phenominal results in Virginia, and the National League has taken a leading part in world-wide affairs. In Virginia, the Children's Code Commission alone is a justification for the existence of the League. We enclose copy of some of the achievements of the League.

Do you realize what the words "without financial backing" mean? They mean that every piece of work done has cost untold nerve strain, worry, overwork, and the foregoing of personal necessities on the part of the women who have kept the League going. The women employed by the League have served not as employees but as large contributors. The Field Secretary has paid her own expenses as well as waiting for her promised salary. The two Secretaries at Headquarters have taken money out of their own pockets, at times, to pay for postage and other expenses, as well as waited for their salaries. As Chairman I have felt that it was almost a loss of self respect to do work in this way.

No one, however, who has been at the center of things here at Headquarters has failed to realize that the work of this League was worth almost any sacrifice, and each person has made it gladly.