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[letterhead] [center of page] National League of Women Voters Committee on reduction of armament by international agreement Mrs. Maud Wood Park ex-officio chairman 918 Munsey Building Washington, D.C. Miss Elizabeth J. Hauser Chairman Girard, Ohio

[left of page] Mrs. Solon Jacobs Vice Chairman for South Altamont Road Birmingham, Ala. Miss Christina Merriman Vice Chairman for east 9 West 29th st. New York City

Mrs. Chas. Sumner Bird East Walpole, Mass. Mrs. George W. Coleman Boston Mrs. J. Malcolm Forbes Boston Mrs. E. W. Grossman St. Louis Mrs. J. Borden Harriman Washington Mrs. Ben W. Hooper Oshkosh, Wis. Miss Katharine Ludington Lyme, Conn. Mrs. George M. Mathers Chicago Miss Ruth H. Mitchell St. Cloud, Minn. Mrs. Gifford Pinchot Milford, Pa. Miss Gertrude Weil Goldsboro, N.C. Miss Robert Wellford Richmond, VA [symbol]

[right side of page] Mrs. James W. Morrison Vice Chairman for Middle West 719 Rush St Chicago, Ill. Mrs. Wm. Palmer Lucas Vice Chairman for West 2603 Steiner St. San Francisco, Cal.

University of Virginia, Virginia. 2 September, 1921. Dear Director, The Disarmament Conference called for November by the President of the United States will be one of the most significant bodies ever assembled. It will have for consideration the reduction of armaments by international agreement; the most vital subject before the world.

Disarmament will come only at the command of the peoples. This conference will succeed or fail to the extent that they make clear to their governments their desire that the burden of armaments be lifted; that a beginning be made toward ending war. the responsibility is on the individual citizens of the countries represented. It is a responsibility that none may evade.

So heavy is the cost of the increasing armaments. so great is the gain in the knowledge of the technique of war, that if this conference fails, and we set ourselves to a renewal of the old competition of armaments, the world will face economic destruction through preparation for war, or actual destruction through war itself.

It is therefore important that before November the 11th., every means be used to spread as wide as possible facts in reggrd to world war. I enclose leaflets which summarize Will Irwin's book, The Next War. Dutton has made an offer to sell a certain number through the league without commission. Will you order one through me, and use the information it so vividly presents, in every practical way in your community? May I suggest, that-You request the local library to put it on its shelves. That you circulate a copy yourself. That you ask your local papers to use it as basis for editorials. That you ask your ministers to use it as material for sermon on the last Sunday in September. And, will you communicate this to the leagues in your district?

Please let me hear from you if you desire to order the book. May I ask also that you will send me whatever newspaper results your efforts may have. I have been serving temporarily as state chairman of the committee. Mrs. J. H. Whitner has now been appointed and you will hear further details from her.

I earnestly urge your immediate co-operation in regard to this, the most important single question that concerns the people of the world.

Cordially yours, Roberta Wellford