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Resolved = That while we recognize convention motives of the national Woman's Party in presenting the white [?]ere. we deplore & condemn their methods. Resolved that Mrs Valentine be [illegilbe] to allow her annual address to be printed & distributed among the League of Va Resolved that the grateful appreciation of the Convention be given to Richmond E. [L] League for its hospitality so generously tendered as always to the Mayor for his courteous welcome: To the press for its full reports of the Convention, to the management of the Jefferson Ho[a]l for the free use of its Auditorium and for many considerate kindnesses to the delegates - to The [elligible] Army Co for the gift of the flags whice Miss Nora Huston used to [?] hall in the {?} & Ratcliffe for the loan of palms {?] Mrs. Clyde Louden & John Ingram & the [?] polling booths & ballot box