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ACCOMAC - J.Harry Rew. ALBERMARLE AND JCHARLOTTESVILLE-S. M. Page and D. H. Pitts. ALEXANDRIA CITY AND COUNTY - J. Fred Birrell ALLEGHANY AND CRAIG - N. e. Spessard. AMHERST - W. P. Massie. APPOMATTOX - J. W. Cawthorn, Jr. AMELIA AND NOTTOWAY - W. A. Land. AUGUSTA AND STAUNTON - J. H. C. Giasty and Herbert J. Taylor BATH, HIGHLAND, BUENA VISTA, AND ROCKBRIDGE - John W. Stephnson BEDFORD - H. C. Lowry and du Val Radford. BOTETOURT - E. V. Barley. BRUNSWICK - I. E. Spatig. BUCKINGHAM AND CUMBERLAND - A. J. Terrell. CAMPBELL - Frank Nelson. CAROLINE - D. B. Powers, Jr. CARROLL - J. R. Branscomb. CHARLOTTE - B. D. Adams. CHESTERFIELD - W. W. Baker. CHESTERFIELD AND POWHATAN - B. M. Bonifant. CLARKE AND WARREN - A. G. Weaver. CUPPEPER - H. B. Smith. DICKENSON AND WISE - John W. Chalkley. DINWIDDIE - John Y. Harris. ELIZABETH CITY - Harry R. Houston. FAIRFAX - Walter Tansil Oliver. FAUQUIER - W. N. Tiffany. FAUQUIER AND LOUDOUN - J. O. Daniel. FLOYD - B. B. Franklin. FRANKLIN - D. A. Kinsey. FREDERICK AND WINCHESTER - John M. Steck. GILES AND BLAND - Martin Williams. GLOUCESTER - J. N. Stubbs.