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  • Aye vote on Leedy Resolution

+ No vote on Leedy Resolution

House of Delegates - Extra Session, 1919

Roll call on

Yeas/[Name]/Nays/UD ✓✓/ANDERSON, R. A Rep s./ /+

/ANDERSON, WM. A s/✓/*
/BAKER, H. P sd/✓✓/
/BEATTIE s/?/*
/BOND (away)/ /
/BOSCHEN s/✓✓/*
/BOWLES s/✓✓/*

✓✓/BREWER s/ /#


1920 ?/BROWN, J. SINCLAIR s/yes 1920 ✓ ?/* ✓/BROWN, MAYO C s/ / ?/BUCK s/?/ ✓✓/BUHRMAN (rep absent) s/ / ✓/BUNTIN s/ /* /BURKE s/✓✓/* /CARNER s/✓/* /CARRINGTON /✓/* ✓✓/CATLETT s//+ ✓✓/CATO s//+ /CHASE (Rep)/✓// ?/CHERRY s/✓?/* /CLEMENT s/?// ?/COMMINS s/✓/* /CONWAY s2/✓/* /COOK (Madison) s2/?✓/* ?CROCKETT s / / * ?/CUTHRIELL [Fed Away] s// ✓/DAVIS s//+ ?✓/DEANS s//* ?✓/DICKERSON sq//* /DILLARD s/✓✓/* /DODSON s/✓✓/* /EASLEY s/✓✓/* /ELAM s/✓✓/* /EVANS s/✓✓/*✓ ✓✓/FITZHUGH s/last moment /* ?✓/FLANAGAN Rep x//* /FORESTER s/✓✓/ /FULLER s//+ ✓✓/GILLIAM s//+ ✓/GILPIN sq//+ ✓?/GOODWIN Rep//* ✓✓/GORDON s//+ ?/HALL, CHANNING W/if absolutely necessary/* 1920 /HALL, WILBUR C s/?✓/ ?/HARMAN Rep //* ?/HARVEY // ✓✓/HENLEY s //+ ?/HOBBS s/✓/* Yeas 32+13

ID/YEAS/[NAME]/NAYS/UD /✓✓/HORTON Rep s// //HUDGINS s/✓✓/* //HUNDLEY, DEANE s/✓✓/* /✓?/HUNDLEY, P. J. s//+ /✓✓/HUNTER s// //HUTCHESON s/✓✓/* /✓✓/JONES s//+ /✓✓/MANN s//+ //MARSHALL sq/✓✓/* //MCNUTT s/✓✓/* //MILLER s/✓✓/ /✓/MITCHELL s//* //MURRAY q/?✓/✓ /✓✓/MUSGRAVE s//* /✓✓/NOLAND s//+ //NORRIS s/✓/* ✓/✓✓/OMPS s2//+ //OWEN (Halifax) s/✓✓/ //OZLIN 2s/?/✓* /✓?/PENCE Rep 2//+ /✓✓/PITTS s/✓✓/ ✓//PRICE yes in 1920 s/✓✓/ //RAGLAND s/✓/* //RAMSEY s/✓✓/* /✓✓/REW s/?✓✓/* //RUSSELL s/✓✓/* /✓?/SHACKLEFORD// //SHUMATE s/?✓✓/* //SINCLAIR /?/* /✓✓/SMITH, CHAS. F. S//* ✓/?/SMITH, HARRY B s2/✓/* /?✓✓/SMOOT//+ //SNEAD N.C. s/?/✓* //SNOW s/✓/* //SPROUL s/✓/* //STANT (Away) s/✓/* ✓//STEPHENSON s2/✓/* //STUART s/✓/* //STUBBS, R.H. /?✓/✓/* //TAYLOR s/✓/* //TIFFANY 2/✓/* //TURNER s/✓/* //WALTON s/✓?/* /✓/WILLIAMS S//+ /✓/WILLIS s//+ /✓/WINSTON s//+ /✓/WRIGHT Rep. s//+ /?✓/ MR. SPEAKER s //*