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(2) assigned him therefore and process Issue against the said Peter Corbell in order that he may obtain the same. From the above statement Isaac induced to believe that the above named Isaac is entitled to his freedom John Dabney And at a Rule day heretofore held in the Clerks Office of the County aforesaid the [blank] day of March 1798 came the pauper aforesaid by his attorney and filed his declaration in the words and figures to wit "Campbell County to wit " Isaac who sues informa pauperis complains " of Peter Corbell in custody etc of a plea of Trespass " assault & Battery and false Imprisonment " to wit that whereas the said Defendant on the " [blank] day of January 1795 at the parish of - " and County aforesaid with force and arms " to wit with swords sticks clubs and switches " on him the said Plaintiff