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Tuesday, April 18 109th day- 257 days follow

May 13 - Over in the war room I saw the complete picture to 1200 hours. The 88th division took castlefort and Sainte Moui. The French have an objective surrounded and set for the cut off - Our boys are moving slowly but surely and the big counter - attack by the Kraut has not stated as yet.

Artillery is still playing the big part. There is a battery of Suman 170's not neutralized as yet. A few stray shells landed near us today. The noise and flashes are audible and visible. We bows on the complete front 2400 guns and riffles. How long can they take it.

Air power over head to day at least every 20 minutes. B17 - B-25. Forts going over the France. Many fighter escorts. Our front heright