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Wednesday, April 19 110th day - 256 days follow Patriot's Day (Mass., Me.)

Note 360 tanks are on the way up.

May 14-44- The 5th and 8th armies made beautiful progress. We drove in a deep wedge after stiff fighting very far north of Gaeta - The Navy is giving that division (German) quite a pasting at Gaeta -

Our 85th div along the coast is having a rough time but gaining steadily - The 88th div captured both hills 90 and 185 past Sante Marie - Prisoners taken 252 for one day -

The French (Arabs and Goans) definitely mowing them down - I doubt if many prisoners were taken - The frogs have come past the Lira valley now in back of Cassino - The report of prisoners by the French 1,260.

The Poles and British have formed a bridgehead 4 miles long over the Rapido River - When they took over from us last February we had formed the small bridgehead -

Everything is going very good - Thank God -

Tomorrow we get into summer sun tans - Definitely très gay for G. I Corp -

Our personal shower very good but that cold water is plenty rough -

To-night the long range artillery has opened up