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Wednesday, April 19 110th day - 256 days follow Patriot's Day (Mass., Me.)

Note 360 tanks are on the way up.

May 14-44- The 5th and 8th armies made heartful progress. We drove in a deep wedge after stiff fighting very far north of Garta. The army is giving that division (german) quite a pasting at Garta.

Our 85th div along the coast is having a rough time but gaining steadily. The 88th div captured both hills 90 and 185 past Laute Marsi. Pursines taken 252 for one day.

The French (arabs and Goans) definitely moving them down. I doubt if many prisoners were taken. The frogs have come past the Luia valley now in back of cossious. The upast of precious by the French 1,260.

The Poles and British have formed a budyhood 4 miles long over the Rapids River. When they took over from us last February we had formed the small budgehead.

Everything is going very good. Thank God.

Tomorrow we get into summer sun tans. Definite by this gay for Gd comp.

Our personal shower very good but that use water is plenty rough.

Tonight the long range artillery has opened up