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Saturday, May 6 127th day--239 days follow

enjoy people. While standing on this square for fully an hour I was deeply impressed by the people, their wild eyed surprise of our military might. I spoke to a very well educated Italian, who spoke English in a very curt and choppy manner. He was most helpful, very curtious and understanding to me! a very bafffled Tourist.

These people of course are not hurt by this war. The Germans despite propaganda trusted the upper classes rather well but not to the extend of friendliness.

I went to St. Peters and upon stepping inside, the magnitude of splendor took my breath away. A mass was in progress celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi - (body of Christ). After hearing mass I went to the tomb of St. Peter which is directly center of the Cathedral.The four pillars surrounding the tomb are symbolic of the four great apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Above each column in Corinthian architecture, is a painting life size of these saints.

The upper left hand corner is a sculptors master-piece of Veronica wiping the face of Jesus. The expression is so vivid, so realistic that possibly it entrances everybody with its meaning. Also under each pillar are various memories of Christ's passion, The Crown of Thorns, The Cross, The Veil, and His clothes.