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Saturday, May 6 127th day--239 days follow enjoy people--While standing on this square for fully an hour I was deeply impressed by the people, their wild eyed surprise of our military might--I spoke to a very well educated Italian, who spoke English in a very curt and choppy manner--He was most helpful, very curtious and understanding to me! a very bafffled Tourist--These people of course are not hurt by this war. The Germans despite propaganda trusted the upper classes rather well but not to the extend of friendliness. I went to St. Peters and upon stepping inside, the magnitude of splendor took my breath away--A mass was in progress celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi--(body of Christ). After hearing mass I went to the tomb of St. Peter which is directly center of the Cathedral--The four pillars surrounding the tomb are symbolic of the four great apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John--Above each column in Corinthian architecture, is a painting life size of these saints--The upper left hand corner is a sculptors master-piece of Veronica wiping th