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Wednesday, June 14 166th day - 200 days follow American Flag Adopted 1777 (Flag Day)

Bombing women and children. Touch isn't it. Of course they forget that battle of [illegible] a few years ago. The war is definitely doing to be wrapped up in late November. Strictly a hunch.

Aug 16. To-night a very funny artillery barrage on our sector. At the point we watched it was well up in the mountains. Clouds hung over the front in the valley. The flashes lit against the clouds forming a [illegible] resembling [illegible] lightning. The British are moving and the plan of battle is a turn to Southern France and an anew to Austria. We are spectulating [speculating] where we are going.

The Germans are in rout [en route] in France. George Patton that great guy a son of a bitch in char-acter but one of the best generals we got, choosing the Germans - a few more days will tell that story. It looks good and the opening play is again shifting to Russia to [illegible] out

The [illegible] sector has closed in, bottling up thousands German troops. The invasion from the Suoth has gone beyond schedule [illegible] all initial objections before the time limit