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Sunday, July 9 191st day - 175 days follow Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Dec 5 - Went out to-day to get a supply of gasoline and Diesel oil for the snow storm due here any time -

It (the dump) was in the Futa Pass and beyond doubt the coldest place in these mountains -

We passed by a Military Cemetery and look down from the heights the G. Registration was burying a boy. We, on the rip were complaining abou the cold, bitching about everything in general - Seeing this grotesque sight, silence prevailed - It was very sad, two boys carrying this body in a white shroud, and a group Italian laborers waiting to bury the boy, before the sun went down -

It struck a sad discord with me - about all I could say Sorry and may you rest in peace. This war has a propensity of bringing anyone back to the reality of death, in the strongest manner -

Dec 6 - Taking off to-morrow for a 4 day pass to Florence - I hope the liquor is good, the women nice and plenty good shows - I think the latter will be the extent of my dissipation -

Mail, horrible, Weather expecting snow and it is nothing but a cold driving rain.

New claims a canadian capture of [Raoina?] so what! We have a necks stuck our and have still to wait before we take off again --