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Wednesday, July 12 194th day - 172 days follow Orangeman's Day

Russia is nearing Budapest and it might help us out there because the Tedeschi got our ass pinned down in the mountains we know it so something has to happen - Right now 6 inches of snow, so if we are here the Germans have got to freeze also -

News from France fair - Bert's Sheldon's Brother with the 10 Engr Regt. 7th Army says the Boche can last the end of the month -

Dec 15 - The 7th Army crossed into Germany and now face the Siegfried line - With those "170" zeroed in the going to going to rough - Thank God I'm now there -

An invasion the upper part of the Philippines, 150 mi south of Manila - Little opposition on the beach. This Mac Arthur knows his job, two more invasions by regiments plus artillery support will bunch the Japs in a circle and the boys can start mass murdering without any opposition - Air & Naval power will keep off re-inforcement - Then 900 miles from the coast of the China Sea -

Stillwell got a screwing, a rough guy, but politics don't enter into his method of fighting

Churchill passed the buck to America on this Poland deal, ass-kissing Russia - However the State Dept threw back in his lap by one sentence - America has nothing to do with