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Thursday, July 13 195th day - 171 days follow

European boundaries -

Greeks still have a little Stalin trouble, another spot for the Limeys to handle --

Dec 16 - This front (II Corp) has now a combat team of negros from 92nd Div - A question has now come up. "Are they any good". Tried on the Pisa, a division and they showed up very badly. One officer claims they were formed for political reasons and the WD was forced to use them.

If this combat team screws up, they are to be broken up and made into service troops, unloading ship etc -

Rumor has it, that under Tedeschi artillery one complete company ran back, leaving a rather hard position isolated - Might say, my opinion, they like the uniform but they can't fight --

I wish the negro no harm but this action should get some notice back home by those opportunists in the political field -

Dec 18 - A huge break-through near Aachen, into the American First Army front - The impetus coming as a result of two [fakes?] on the 9th Army front, and the dropping of paratroopers - It has gone at least 20 miles in on a 50 mile front. It looks as if the old G2 section fucked up and about 10,000 EM