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Sunday, August 6 219th day -- 147 days follow Transfiguration O. L.

How did they know every possible move we made and be defensively ready for our offensive -- Also why did the Tedeschi prepare such a written recorded excuse ready for distribution -

These answers undoubtedly will have the haze of official prepared reasons by the W. D. for us and home consumption.

Visited the Professor at Florence [illegible] and spent with tea a very pleasant afternoon.

The news is good, the Amer. 7th is moving and the Loar [Loire] valley is definitely slipping out of German hands. The taking of Maintz [Mainz] is that strong hold.

Mar 22 Met an Italian partisan who came back through the lines from Milan. He told me our air-power has 70% of the big cities in ruins. He had spent much time in the sabotage school in Moscow. Had some very interesting views on destruction. He was profoundly communistic, although not outwardly but I caught him off guard by asking some silly question - Thus to impress of his knowledge, he started to talk, bragging about his accomplishments against the Germans - Then his great love for Roosevelt, I then knew all the answers.