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RESOLUTIONS FOURTH ANNUAL CONVENTION ROANOKE 1915 The Committee on Resolutions reaffirmed and reasserted the Resolutions of previous Conventions, and presented the following which were read and adopted.

"Resolved: Theat we favor the enactment of a proper minimum wage law for working women.

"That we desire to see the law establishing juvenile courts for the protection of the children and the prevention of crime by every community in the State.

"That we have a police matron attached to the court in every city in Virginia as a measure promotion public decency and order.

Whereas, the amount and continuance of illiteracy in Virginia is a menace to the future of the State, a cruel deprivation and handicap imposed upon the man or woman of tomorrow, and a huge injustice and wrong done the child of to-day, who will grow into that man or women, therefore, it is

"Resolved, That we strongly desire and urge the passing in Virginia of such a State-wide compulsory education measure as will give to every normal child, without exception, a sufficient education to start him, or her, unhandicapped, upon the road of life",

"Whereas, all Europe is plunged into a war of appalling magnitude, of inexpressible loss and horror, and,

"Whereas, no apologist for this war has succeeded in convincing a disinterested people that there is any justice for this conflict, and,

"Whereas, all suffer through it, and in a very special sense women and children, and,

"Whereas, war itself is an anachronism, a barbarous, wasteful an and immoral method of settling differences that arise between nations as between individual human beings, therefore, it is

"Resolved, That we deplore and protest against the war that is at present raging, and that we deplore and protect against the shedding of one another's blood, and the wasting of one another's treasure as any possible, enlightened or satisfactory way of reconciling national differences; and that as dueling between men had given way to a more enlightened notion of individual rights and recourses. And we urge the unity and solidarity of mankind, and the establishment of international dourts [courts] of arbitration, before which, without exception, shall be resolved the differences which arise between peoples.

"Resolved, That we give expression to our sympathy and concern for all women, and particularly our fellow-suffragists, in every country who are now suffering the horror, grief and impoverishment springing from this war.

"Resolved, that we point out how this fatal war drives home the lesson of the need of political independence of women, to the end that the women of a country shall have a counted voice in the decision of matters that so w holly involve their welfare, happiness, and life itself, and the welfare, happiness and life itself of the children that they bear".

Committee Miss Mary Johnson Mrs. Kate Langly N Fisher

                      Mrs. John H. Lewis    Mrs. Havy Clarke
                                                     Mrs. C. E. Townsend