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To the speakers and members of the Senate and house of deligates of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the petition of Lucy Wright, a black woman, and Lucy Claiborne, a molato [mulatto] woman; Humbly Represents that in the year 1813 they were emancipated by the will of Ed Wright a copy whereof is herewith filed; that they have Continued in the State, ever since not possessing means to take them beyond it according to the requisitions of the act of assembly. Your petitioners further shew that they have ever borne the characters of orderly persons that they have since their emancipation had several children namely your petitioner Lucy Wright are now about seven years of age and another about 18 months old your petitioner Lucy Claiborne, also two children are now about 3 years old and the other about 10 months; the situation of these children has been under the consideration of the Hustings Court for the City of Richmond and that Court has directed them to be registered as free born blacks. Your petitioners further shew these having remained more than 12 months within the state after this emancipation and their cases not coming within the [direction?] of those in which the Court of the Country or Corporation, is authorized to give a permission to remain in the State, have forfeited their right to freedom and the overseers of the poor for the City of Richmond in the month of November last proceeded to declare this forfeiture and directed that your petitioners, should be