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be sold as slaves.

During the period however while the overseen of the poor were considering the care of your petition, the court for the said city had declared the children of your petitioners to be free born black and registered them as such. From there [deliberations?] it [reselled?], that while the children of your petition, were declared to be free and [instilled?] to all the rights and preveledges of free born black, within this Commonwealth your petitions were to be converted into slaves and seperated from their infant children two of whoom are yet dependent upon them for there sustenance which nature has provided the mother she wed for a time afford her [uprearing?]

This harsh and as it appeared to the court and the overseers of the poor unanticipated appreciation of this act of [assembly?] to this case of your petitions [indeed?] them with a humanity and [illegible] which affects [Creder oh?] them to suspend their order of sale until proper [provisions?] might be made for the case of your petitioners by the legislature of this state.

Your petitioners [avow?] their utter inability to [conserve?] out of this Commonwealth; they [hope?] no mean, to transfere their children beyond it, [illegible], and it cannot be expected they ought to separate themselves for ever from them; they would prefer for themselves even a [slab?] of slavery to such a separation. They therefore pray that a law may be enacted cancelling the forfeiture of which has been by by your petitioners, [incured?] and giving them [illegible] to reside within the state as free persons; and as in duty bound they will every pray. Lucy Wright Lucy Claiborne

[This?] a perfect knowledge of the facts stated in the foregoing petition, of our satisfied they [our track?] set forth; I believe that the petitioners could obtain the almost unanimous signature of the [citizens?] of Richmond to their petition - December 20th 1821 - Robert G. Scott