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The following is letter which has been signed by leading suffragists in different Southern States and forwarded to each Southern Governors. "My dear Governor: The undersigned woman of the Southern States, on the part of the suffragists of their respective States, earnestly request the Governors of the Southern States or their representatives, to meet them n conference in New Orleans, Nov. 10-11 to discuss and adopt a uniform plan of action for the adoption of woman suffrage in the South. We are united in the belief that suffrage is a State right and that the power to define a State's electorate should remain in the exclusive right of the State. However, we recognize that woman suffrage is no longer a theory to be debated but a condition to be met. The inevitable "votes for women" is a world movement. and unless the South squarely faces the issue and takes steps to preserve the State right, the force of public opinion will take it mandatory through a National Constitutional Amendment. "In fact the National Council of Voters, consisting of enfranchised women, has for its object the influencing of national legislation to secure the ballet for the women who have not yet received it. While as Southerners we wish to see the power of the State retained, yet as women we are equally determined to secure as paramount importance the right which is the birthright of an American citizen. We therefore appeal to you gentlemen vested with the power to so largely shape conditions, to confer with us and influence public opinion to adaopt woman suffrage through state action. Failing to accomplish this, the onus of responsibility will rest upon the men of the South. If Souther women are forced to support a national amendment weighted with the same objections as the Fifteenth Amendment.