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of the Commonwealth the said sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars -- Your petitioner yet believes in the perfect innocence of Thomas; and as strong proof of the correctness of this opinion, he refers your Honorable bodies to the fact that person charged as the accomplice of Thomas, viz Elisha Peters, was recently tried and acquitted, upon the very proof, relied on to sustain the prosecution against Thomas – This result was produced as your petitioner has no question by the Jury discrediting the testimony. He therefore submits to your Honorable body whether in such a case, it is just, that your petitioner should be compelled to pay to the Commonwealth, the amount of his said undertaking, and prays to be releived [relieved] therefrom. Geo P. Crump

I was engaged as counsel in the defence of Elisha Peters, charged as an aider and a better with William Thomas, in stabbing a black man and I heard the evidence adduced before the examining Court -- in support of the prosecution against Thomas -- and did not consider it sufficient to maintain the guilt of the accused. and upon this ground I have no question the Jury acquitted Peters. Robert G. Scott

We unite with Mr. Crump in the prayer of the annexed Petition. I know William Thomas long and well and always considered him a most peaceable and obliging negro towards persons of his own condition and a most submissive and faithful servant to his master. N. Dandridge Chas. Wortham John G Crump Joshua Crump [Thos?] B. Carter C. Clarke Tho. B. Bigger Tho. Priddy James Shephard Wm [illegible] Fitzwhylsom Ben. Crump