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July 24, 1925 Mr. W. B. Caldwell Appomattox, Va. My dear Mr. Caldwell: Kindly send at your earliest convenience a list of the leading women, certainly the key women, in your section to Mrs. Jessie E. Townsend, C/o Mapp Headquarters, Southland Hotel, Norfolk, Virginia. Mrs. Townsend and my other friends wish to send them some literature with reference to the campaign for the governorship. I shall appreciate your doing this as promptly as possible. You can make your list reasonably full, starring the names of the leaders and key women. I am glad to tell you that the campaign is shaping up finely. By united effort all down the line we are going to win on August 4th. We will certainly win if the vote favorable to me is encouraged to go to teh Polls on Election Day. with very genuine appreciation of your interest and aid, I am,