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as at that time he will be of age from the faithfulnefs of the woman is [illegible] that she shall accompany her husband to Africa. Your petitioners would represent to your Honorable body that it is not the intention of Edward Stokes to attempt to evade the will of his master & go to some other state of this Union for they are aware that he is entitled to his freedom only on condition of remaining to the colony of Liberia [& that?] it is his wish to go there as soon as he can get his family to go with him. Under these circumstances your petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable body will pafs such an act in his favour as shall authorize your petitioner Edward Stokes to remain in this Commonwealth until the final day of October 1837 under such instructions as shall be deemed necefsary and proper to your Honourable body & your petitioners will ever pray [&c?] Petersburg July 11th 1835