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Alliance? Moreover, the creation of the League of Nations has opened to us a vast and hopeful field of work. It is significant that in this first effort towards world peace, women should have been placed on an equality with men, so that it lies with them to help in the achievement of this mighty aim and thus to demonstrate their fitness for great responsibilities. The story of their endeavours and the details of their work will be among the most interesting features of the Congress in Paris. As from period to period our Congresses increase in size and importance, so also does the complexity of the problems considered. At the Paris Congress, we shall have first to deal with that most important subject, which is the very foundation of our programme, the enfranchisement of women in countries which have not yet attained this necessary reform; then will come the questions of the economic situation of women in the professions, in business, and in industry; of the equal moral standard of both sexes, with its concomitant fight against the infamous traffic in women; of the responsibility for the illegitimate child; of the nationality of the married woman, and finally of the study of the system of family allowances. These questions have indeed been discussed at our former meetings, but they are not static questions - they present a constantly changing front, and problems which call for all our courage and perseverance if they are to be solved in accordance with our ideal. Finally, it is possible for the women of so many different nations to meet without discussing the greatest of all problems, on which alone our constructive programme can be built up; Peace and Good Will among the Nations. This Call to our Congress is not a Call to ease and personal satisfaction with work already done. Rather is it a Call to all those who, conscious of the value of steadfastness and co-operation, wish to press forward with set purpose and high heart to the conquest of the Promised Land of justice and good-will. We know our friends and fellow-workers will not fail us and, full of hope, we summon them to come from near and far to Paris, City of Light, to send forth the message which shall help the great women's movement all over the world to advance yet further on its predestined road to Victory.