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(2) Next is this which speaks for itself and I am writing my appreciation of the very high honor and sincere regrets. Would not it have been wonderful if I could have gone and gone with you on the 12th giving me a week to see Paris with you but I'm forgetting that that probably would have been a burden rather than a pleasure to you. I dare not let myself think of this - you can't know what a tremendous joy it would have meant to me - to be a delegate that Congress - to sit with those women from all over the world & especially our women who will go - the best of America; to hear the discussions & bring home the news. But it is all so out of the question I won't think of it. Instead I shall take those returend Wanamaker checks & go to the state convention at Lynchburg next Wed. My car is done & they say we can driv there in seven hrs so Bess will drive & Sadie & Blanch Culpepepr go with me Maybe Betty too - she will drop off at Roanoke to be with Martha at colelge where we will spend Sunday on our way home. Sadie iwll return Sat. by train & we will probably bring Daddy back with us.