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Mrs. C. E. Townsend, Norfolk, VA.

Dear Mrs. Townsend,

In the 1926 session of the General Assembly of Virginia a joint resolution was unanimously adopted authorizing the placing of a memorial to Lila Meade Valentine in the Capitol of Richmond.

The Lila Meade Valentine Memorial Association, proceeding on the authority thus vested in it, desires to lay before you its plans. It is proposed that the memorial shall be in the form of a tablet or bust. A committee on design has been appointed, whose decision will be submitted to the members and to the State Art Commission.

The placing of a memorial to a woman for the first time in the Capitol of Virginia is of great significance, and the Association desires that as large a number of individuals as possible be given the opportunity of participating. It is indeed fitting that this first memorial shall be to a woman who has given so noble an example to the women of Virginia of wise and self sacrificing devotion to the Commonwealth; a woman who so constructively aided in the extension of democratic government in this country by her courageous leadership of the movement for the enfranchisement of women.

The Association extends to you the opportunity to have a part in the erection of this memorial. Each contributor will be considered a member of the Association, which will exist only until its work is accomplished; and in order that everyone who loved and admired Mrs. Valentine may share in this, no amount has been set but each person may give according to his or her circumstances and desire.