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Try to have him at least show that he admits the shameful double dealing of men in office and means to use his proven genius to cope with hard situations to handle this one efficiently. We believe in his personal ability but we have no reason to trust the Republican party, Mellon or Coolidge & fear his absorption into their ways. I am speaking for a great mass of women here. We want to be loyal to the South but we can not see wherein Smith represents the South. We want our Democrat Party to get into power again, but not at the risk of putting its lowest element at the head, as the Republicans did in 1920. We want to trust Mr. Hoover he would be our ideal if he had stayed in that Democrat Party, and we want frank, unafraid statemetns of whta he intends to do - not platitudes & evasions & talk of other issues - this of course we admit the importance of many others.