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M.BARBOUR RAHM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Members of the Legislature- The custom is s ch that we poor business men cannot be heard from the rostrum; in fact altho you are in law our servants, one of you could not even pause long e enough to serve me, just to ask the speak, St Geo Tucker, to wait. I am one of his constitutents but he will leanrn later from m4 and from every constituent in his county that he was asleep on the job, in as much as he could not even listen to what i had to say. I mean no disrespect to the gentlemen f from somewhere, but i am fighting mad this morning As a business man of some iltelligence I know a hell of a lot ot things. I know that when I heard St Geo Tucker was speaker you were listening to a man who could read you this message, and i never saw him in my life

When it comesto womans sufferage and I havnt time to write this damned thing as well as i could ifI had more time but St Geo Tucker can read it and I never saw him before