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On the eve of the election in Iowa one of the most experienced campaigners in the country, Mrs. Alice Park of Palo Alto, Calif., who was helping in the state, wrote the following in a letter to the headquarters of the Iowa Equal Suffrage Association:
"A general comment on the Iowa situation may interest you. I consider the chances good for success. Even Dubuque I did not feel so alarmed as many there do. If we lose--I shall say that one great reason was that Iowa didn't make enough use of the Woman's Journal last year and years before. Of course the editors are getting it and they read it too, but i have never seen in any state that won where the suffragists didn't have the Journal on their tables or in their hands -- and quoted from the last issues -- I mean the leaders and chairmen and headquarters people. I consider it very serious to be without the ADVANCE work-- the steady pioneer work of the Woman's Journal.

Alice Park" Iowa has lost. But, to a large extent, what is true of Iowa was true of New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania New Jersey Ohio Missouri Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Wisconsin. Keep this letter. Within fifteen days you are going to hear about it from a constructive view-point.

Agnes Ryan

Woman's Journal Boston, Mass.