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There has never been in Norfolk a more democratic organization maintained for ten years than the equal suffrage league. It had literally hundreds of members in that time but only a handfull [illegible] [illegiible] from first to last, held the league together thick & thin giving Norfolk a real concrete example of true democracy tho they knew it not. Points of government, constitution & personality were brought out, carefully considered pro & con & settled by Robert's rules. members would argue for proxies, for privileges, get uppish or huffy or snappy but the vote would be taken & carefully abided by. Many withdrew their membership, more failed to attend one blasted the all over her county. but the president remained & went on, & the league grew in vital work. The suffrage amendment passed in 1920 had been presented by Susan B. Anthony to the Congress of U.S. in [1850?] only to draw out a hearty laugh. Nevertheless she came year after year hoping to find some senator who would sponsor its presentation to the floor. In 1878 she found that man & it was put upon the calendar raising another great laugh; & the years rolled around till in 1920 the pres. of U.S. Woodrow Wilson, a son of Va. who claimed as other Democrats did that he believed it a state matter; education by numerous visits from Anna Shaw, Mrs Catt, Maud Wood Park to see its inherent democracy & finally goaded by that great Chinese stateman. Li Hu Chang, who at a banquet in Wash said he was going home to give his people freedom to pattern his country after the principles of this great one, the principles, not the deeds-he meant to give all his people equal suffrage. Wilson went to the Senate & told them straight to [illegible] out that amendment, now nearly fifty years old & make it a law. and they did, it stands today word for word as Susan B. Anthony wrote it. A great woman 70 years older than the men of her government in brains, courage & stability.