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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The regular meeting of the Executive Council was held at the Headquarters of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, Monday evening, November 12th, 1917, the President, Mrs. B.B..Valentine, in the Chair. Present Mrs J.H.Lewis, Mrs W.T.Yancey, Mrs. C.E.Townsend, Mrs. J.H. Whitner, Mrs. Faith W. Morgan, Mrs.{?] O. Kidd, Mrs. Edith C. Cowles Miss Roberta Wellford, Miss Ellen Robinson; Miss Adele Clark, Mrs Robert Barton, Miss Fannie Walcott, Mrs. John M.Miles. The Minutes of the last State Board meeting were read by the Secretary. The Chair called for the report of the State Treasurer, Mrs. E. G.Kidd, which was read and was accepted. Discussion of finances followed. The President stated that the leagues in the State had paid their pledges made at the last Convention; but that their failure to make proper reports of their expenditures had made it impossible for the State:league to know how much had been spent on work in the state; and had prevented it from making its full report. The State League had made effort to carry out the plan of the National Association. Of its $500. -10 percent of its $5.000 pledge -$375 had been sent; leaving $125 still due to the National Association. The President announced that the Virginia League was entitled to send 39 delegates to the National Conventionto be held at Washington December 12th, and read a list of names which had been sent from the local leagues from which delegates were to be appointed. On motion of Mrs. Lewis, duly seconded, it was voted :that the list of names be left open until the last meeting".